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  author = {M. Griebel and B~.Metsch and D~.Oeltz and M.~A.
  title = {Coarse Grid Classification: A Parallel Coarsening Scheme
		  For Algebraic Multigrid Methods},
  journal = {Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications},
  year = {2006},
  volume = {13},
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  note = {Also available as SFB 611 preprint No. 225, Universit\"at
		  Bonn, 2005},
  abstract = {In this paper we present a new approach to the
		  parallelization of algebraic multigrid (AMG), i.e., to the
		  parallel coarse grid selection in AMG. Our approach does
		  not involve any special treatment of processor subdomain
		  boundaries and hence avoids a number of drawbacks of other
		  AMG parallelization techniques. The an appropriate (local)
		  coarse grid on each processor from all admissible grids
		  such that the composed coarse grid forms a suitable coarse
		  grid for the whole domain, i.e. there is no need for any
		  boundary treatment. To this end, we first construct
		  multiple equivalent coarse grids on each processor
		  subdomain. In a second step we then select exactly one grid
		  per processor by a graph clustering technique. The results
		  of our numerical experiments clearly indicate that this
		  approach results in coarse grids of high quality which are
		  very close to those obtained with sequential AMG.
		  Furthermore, the operator and grid complexities of our
		  parallel AMG are mostly smaller than those obtained by
		  other parallel AMG methods, whereas the scale-up behavior
		  of the proposed algorithm is similar to that of other
		  parallel AMG techniques. However a significant improvement
		  with respect to the speed-up performance is achieved.},
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